Sunday, 20 July 2008

Flash of Sunshine, Fade to Black.

Sunday morning. Awake, but why? Winter. Cold, shivering, dim. Hungry.

Kitchen. Espresso machine, strong long-black. Better...slightly.

Courtyard. Colder still, biting breeze. Pot of herbs, struggling, sparse. But thyme, flat-leaf parsley.

Stove. Ignite. Free-range eggs, dollop of milk, whisk, square of butter. Wooden spoon. Gentle yellow curds. Tasmanian smoke-cured salmon, hand shred. Add off heat.

Polenta left-overs, set but un-formed. Tumble in pan, crispy highlights.

Whole-grain toast. Crack of pepper. Scatter of herbs.

Twin suns orbiting the plate. Gone, in a flash. Burp.

Yawn. Bed, duvet, warm, soft. Dozing, sleep.

Good morning.

Scrambled eggs with Smoked Atlantic Salmon on Toast, Refried Polenta.


thanh7580 said...

Breakfast. Yum. Wish I had some. Now.

stickyfingers said...

Delicious looking brekkie.

Ah Sundays! Ditto brekkie for us this morning - sans salmon and polenta - insert garlic chives into scrambles add a serve of crisp Gipsy Pig American style streaky bacon and Greg Brown's own wholegrain rye loaf with baked beans.

Skipped lunch but finished the day with roast beef and Yorkshire pud, tatties, brussel sprouts, peas, carrots, cauliflower, gravy and horseradish, red wine, followed by lemon tart. Winter comfort. Don't cha luv it?

Towser said...

Thanh...Yes I agree that breakfast meals should be made available at any time of day (note to cafes!), or uhm, night...but I guess should never be all you're allowed to have before the 'correct' time of day?

Hi Sticky. You betcha we luv those lazy homey Sundays. Mmm eggs, bacon and baked beans, popular with us too! And that roast Sunday dinner sounds just the treat! Can't remember when I last had Yorkshire pud baked with roast drippings and eaten slathered in gravy...sigh.

purple goddess said...

Sub your smoked salmon for my shredded ham and oregano from the garden, and you have MY Sunday morning!!!

Towser said...

Just proves that scramblies over toast are the perfect accompaniment to just about anything else we may care to break fasts with, PG!