Monday, 19 May 2008

And the "E"-mie Goes To...!

The gracious Agnes, fellow Melbourne-based food blogger of the always very readable Off the Spork has passed onto Spot4Nosh the E for Excellent Blog award. Thanks Agnes! It is most gratifying to know that there are folks out there who enjoy the blog. I certainly enjoy adding to it since that means we've had yet another memorable (good or bad, no matter) food experience!


I would like to pass the E for Excellent Blog accolade on to Lucy and her blog Nourish Me, also from Melbourne. I'll have to be honest and say that I'd only recently truly discovered her blog, but have since remained charmed. Most of the meals we enjoy and write about in Spot4Nosh wouldn't exactly be classified as healthy or particularly nourishing (if that's all we ate!) so Lucy's poetic and meditative reflections on much more wholesome foods, and her lovely photographs, are all the more appreciated. I feel purged and refreshed everytime I visit!


Lucy said...

Thanks Towser, very much indeed.

Pleased to be able to provide you with some 'purging' material!

Shall pass on in due course. And, of course, be back to see what you get up to... ;-)

Towser said...

Welcomed Lucy, and keep up the good work!

Duncan | Syrup&Tang said...

Now, Towser, you haven't taken your award as an excuse to not post anymore have you? I hope not.

Towser said...

Hey Duncan, have been enjoying your great stories and pics on your recent european travels.
Have been in Indonesia for work, in Jakarta now in fact, so been lagging in updates. Both the road and web traffic in this country are S-L-O-W. But there'll be some interesting pics and foodstuffs to be posted here soon!

mia6 said...

Towser - Congratulations! What a wonderful spot to gain a bit of insight to the culinary offerings of Melbourne - hope to visit again and have a dip into some of the recommendations! Ciao for now!