Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Ringing in the New Year

Spot4Nosh mostly documents our dining-out experiences. But we have been good lately. Plus it had been a month for entertaining so we have been eating rather well at home, which is perfectly fine for heralding in yet another year. So here's a quick photo-blog of some of the dishes we'd cooked up in the past month...

We're by no means 'morning-people', so rarely get to enjoy a decent breakfast during the working week. So at least one morning of the weekend, we'll jangle pots and pans in the kitchen to prepare an indulgent brunch over one or more cups of good brewed coffee, such as coddled egg steamed with anchovy butter, slivers of spicy salami, semi-dried and fresh cherry tomatoes, and mixed fresh herbage. Tipped over toasted slices of ciabatta.

One quiet Saturday evening in, KB roasted a tender rack of pork with perfect crackling, accompanied with roasted white peaches, pumpkin and dollops from a jar of homemade mango chutney that was a gift we received over Christmas. Enjoyed with a bitter-leaf salad over a couple of glasses of front of the box watching "Iron Chef" of course!

Friends over for a dinner party was the perfect excuse to heat some oil up for a couple of dozen tempura Coffin Bay Pacific oysters served back in their shells with a light shoyu and lemon vinaigrette and topped with smoked nori shards. Had to be quick with the camera as they didn't last long.

The day after another dinner with friends over provided us with enough leftovers to produce hearty salads for lunch. Reheated halves of five-spice roasted quail with warmed Kipfler potatoes, baby cos lettuce and rocket, fennel heart, cherry tomatoes and freshly shaved parmesan.

What happens when we'd set our minds and dinner preparations on risotto and a desperate rummage through the larder revealed that we were out of Arborio rice? Well we substituted with pearl barley mixed with one-third of long grain red rice and turned out a winning meal of 'risotto' with chargrilled scallops, calamari and fennel. The pearl barley grains were starchy sponges for both wine and stock which resulted in a creamy dish full of flavour, while the red rice provided al dente highlights.

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Agnes said...

I always enjoy seeing what people have been cooking. Looks like you've been eating some good meals!